Robust & Aesthetic Design

Selen-Y Electric is designed to provide solar panels with high performance for at least 25 years. Besides the functional features in panel design, aesthetics is also the front plan.

The robust frame design provides high strength against wind and snow loads. With its thick eloquent layer of panel frames, even under extreme outdoor conditions, the frames continue to function without corrosion.

The panel size is designed to be the optimum gap between the cells and the frame. These optimum gap measurements allow the panel to get maximum light and generate more power under outdoor conditions. 
Selen-Y In current solar panels, thick-sectioned current-carrying conductor wires are used to minimize transmission losses. These conductor wires are placed on the panel in a visible way and are not covered in any way. There is a visible distance between the current-carrying wire and the panel frame. Thanks to this distance and the current-carrying wires that are not covered, there is never a problem of isolation due to production in Selen-Y Electric solar panels.